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Natural beauty or ‘pedophilia’?

Why do most women have to alter their bodies to be attractive? Many theories suggest that women alter their bodies as a result of randomly following random cultural trends, but this seems very unlikely since most post-pubescent women follow the same trends cross-culturally.

In her book Femininity and Domination, Sandra Bartky suggests that
“women must take care of their skin and make it soft, smooth, hairless and wrinkle-free, they must apply make-up to disguise their skin’s imperfections. Our culture demands the ‘infantilisation’ of women’s bodies and faces” (Bartky 1990, 71–2).

Bartky is on the right track, but based on current studies and  historical data, this desire for youthful perfection seems to focus most on early to late puberty, not biological childhood. The masculine desire for youthful perfection can be seen cross-culturally and despite cultural regulations which suggests that it’s an evolved biological trait.

Understanding erotic plasticity helps explain why women follow the same trends.
Erotic plasticity suggests that female sexuality tends to be passive and conform to the culture while male sexuality tends to be biologically rigid and define the culture. In other words, women modify their bodies to emulate traits males find attractive.

On average, women, in modern society, spend almost an hour a day modifying their bodies.

Girls start wearing makeup at about 11-14 years of age.

Girls start shaving their bodies soon after ‘adult’ hair starts growing around tanner stage 2 or 3 at about 9-12.5 years old.

On average, girls begin puberty at ages 10–11″

So basically girls start modifying their bodies around early to mid puberty.

Women usually modify themselves in the following ways:

  1. Shaving legs – Hairless legs
  2. Shaving under arms – Hairless under ams
  3. Shaving pubic area – Hairless pubic area
  4. Hiding facial pores with cover-up – Invisible facial pores and hide blemishes
  5. Putting on eyeliner – Larger appearing eyes
  6. Attaching fake eyelashes – Larger looking eyes and eyelashes
  7. Putting on lipstick – Make lips more pronounced or bigger looking lips 
  8. Style hair – Enhance facial features
  9. Putting on deodorant – No under arm odor
  10. Putting on nail polish – Personality statement
  11. Applying moisturizer – Less wrinkles and make skin softer

The traits listed above, in bold, are naturally present during prepuberty/early puberty and wane after mid to late puberty. So women are altering their bodies to imitate and prolong their prepubescent/pubescent traits. If women alter their bodies to appease males then males must have pedophilic/hebephilic preferences.  If males evolved to be attraction to juvenile traits then behaviors supporting this preference should be observable in current and past cultures.

Here is a list of past and present evidence that strongly suggests that most males have in fact evolved to be attracted to juvenile traits.

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2 Responses to Natural beauty or ‘pedophilia’?

  1. stop says:
    Our closest primate relatives generally choose the latter: male chimpanzees don’t salivate over adolescent female chimps, and in fact reject them as sexual partners quite frequently. Instead, male primates and other animals fight over sex with the older females who’ve already borne a kid or two (Anderson 1986, Muller et al. 2006, Nichols et al. 2010, Proctor et al. 2011, Robbins 1999).

  2. anonymous says:

    Our closest relatives are Chimps and Bonobos and they both exhibit hebephilia and even pedophilia. All of those people you just sighted(Elizabeth Anderson, Dr Nadine Muller,Clarina Howard Nichols,Amanda Burgess-Proctor,Ruth Robbins,Barbara Smuts) are admitted feminists. They don’t even have relevant degrees. The article’s author, Kate Clancy, is a feminist promoting this pseudoscience they call feminist science(feminist biology). Feminine science is not credible. Even other feminist minority groups say this:

    Richard Dawkins criticizes feminist science as well:

    The only viable data in the article is from Ray Blanchard’s study. Unfortunately his study only includes exclusive sexual preferences and most males are non-exclusive.

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