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Are most men attracted to young girls?

The answer is yes, it seems that way. Most males, young and old, seem to be attracted to ‘early pubescent’/pubescent females. Attraction to pubescent individuals is called hebephilia and ephebophilia.

“On average, girls begin puberty at ages 10–11…Girls usually complete puberty by ages 15–17”

An in depth study found that males are most attracted to females having a BMI of around 17 – 20, which is mostly found in females 10 – 15.

Rape statistics also strongly suggest that males are mostly attracted to pubescent individuals.

An interview with prostitutes, by the BBC, also shows a preference for youth.

“Detective: The level of ‘pedophilia'(hebephilia) is just unpresidented right now. We have so many cases constantly of individuals in all walks of life from the very wealthy, highly paid individuals, to all other levels, engaged in child pornography(adolescent pornography), child exploitation(adolescent exploitation)… …It just seems to be almost at an epidemic level.”

“Prostitute: I started when I was 12”

“Prostitute: Over half of the women here were exploited when they were still children(adolescent).”

“Prostitute: When he actually found out how old I was, that didn’t stop him from wanting to be with me, he wanted me even more.”

“Prostitute: Most of the women we’ve spoken to said that the younger they were, the more money they made, even the group moderator, who was sold for sex as a child(adolescent) herself.”

“Prostitute: I was 14 years old… …and I made $1000 on a week day, $2000 on a Friday or Saturday, and I looked 14. You know I had to turn people away sometimes. So,… the younger the better.”

Porn search statistics also indicate a dominant preference for pubescent individuals.

Historically, humans have primarily been hebephilic.
““Hebephilia” is a simply terrible idea. The basic issue is that sexual attraction to pubescent youngsters is not the slightest bit abnormal or unusual. Until recently, the age of consent was age 13 years in most parts of the world (including the United Statse) and it remains 14 in many places. Evolution has programmed humans to lust for pubescent youngsters—our ancestors did not get to live long enough to have the luxury of delaying reproduction.
For hundreds of thousands of years, sex followed closely behind puberty. Only recently has society chosen to protect the moratorium of adolescence and to declare as inappropriate and illegal a sexual interest in the pubescent. This is a wonderful idea, but you can’t change human nature by fiat. Surveys show that sexual interest in pubescent youngsters remains very common and anyone who doubts the numbers should do a study of Calvin Klein ads.”
–Allen Frances, MD
– See more at:

Human history, even recently, is dominated by the presence of heterosexual hebephilic relationships.

Humans are not the only mammals who practice heterosexual hebephilia. Mammals tend to have hebephilic/ephebophilic relationships.

If the evidence is so overwhelming that males tend to prefer pubescent females, then why is there so much resistance toward this natural attraction in modern societies? The female vote probably plays a big role. Post pubescent females dominate the vote, and as a result, policies tend to favor voting aged women and not males and not  females to young to vote.

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