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Human facial brain scan pedophilia test debunked

There is a new test posted on biology letters where pedophilia may be detected using brain scans. The test gathered 56 men and showed them photos of adults and childrens faces while having ‘brain scans’ made. Certain correlations in brain patterns are then made between the brains of men sexually attracted to ‘children’and  ‘adult’ faces.

Problem #1, the ‘Children’ in the photos may be too old

The current definition of pedophilia includes attraction to infants, biological children and biological adults(pubescent individuals).  Including photos of an 8 year old who’s started puberty might trigger hebephilic attractions that are mistaken for pedophilia.


Problem #2, the post pubescent females were wearing makeup

The adult women or post-pubescent women in the photos were wearing makeup i.e. eyeliner, cover-up and lipstick. It is already arguable that postpubescent females use lipstick, eyeliner etc, to imitate adolescence. In other words, photos of natural looking post-pubescent females were not used and this makes the test results inaccurate.

Problem #3, the tests just weren’t credible

“In a study published two years later about stimulation of what appears the same study subjects, this time shown pictures of adult and children faces, whole sections are poorly written and incomprehensible, the materials and methods section is irreproducible, the statistics are unsound and not applicable, and all results are probably false positives.9 More so, there are always the caveats of very small comparison groups and the lack of knowledge of what is normal.”


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