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Prostitution should not be a Crime?

Since the 1900s the Christian and feminist majority have been promoting the criminalization of prostitution through, ageist laws and fanatical movements. After 100+ years of failure, modern society is thinking twice about the situation.

“Amnesty International now joins the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, the World Health Organization and other global groups that argue the best way to protect the safety of people who sell sex is to legalize the industry.”

Even modern feminists like Lacey Green are changing their views on prostitution.

“Should prostitution be a crime?”

“…countries should decriminalize sex work”

“Basically what this means is that sex workers AKA prostitutes won’t be going to jail for it, and they will have legal rights protecting them.”

“Criminalizing it is failing.”

“The problem is that the letter implies that sex workers are the same thing as trafficking victims, but those are two different issues. We really need to recognize the difference between sex work, which is consensual, the sex trade, and trafficking which is coerced and forced.”

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