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Legalizing prostitution in the US

Some history

The US outlawed sexual bartering, outside of marriage contracts, in the early 1900s due to pressure from many Christians and feminists (Social Purity Movement). The result was a heightened black market for sexual bartering.

Is prostitution bad?

Anti-prostitution feminists believe that prostitutes are somehow slaves and don’t realize it. They also believe that all prostitutes hate their work, but reality tells a different story.

“When Smith asked if they would take other work at $8 to $10 a week, the ladies laughed derisively, which lost them public sympathy.”

Maxine Doogan: “It’s fun work,”

It’s a better bet that prostitution is not inherently harmful.

A push to legalize prostitution again

As law enforcement wastes millions trying to stop sexual freedom and as prostitutes get sick of the black market, society is going full circle and starting to push to legalization again.

A very defiant group has formed called ESPLERP. has filed a lawsuit against the state of California in hopes to legalize prostitution.

Donate to ESPLERP

Feel free to donate to ESPLER and help legalize prostitution in California.

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