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Morality and Sex

Scientifically sex doesn’t seem to be all that important.
“sex is no more a moral issue than eating a good meal.”
– Sociologist Catherine Hakim

But the majority of people’s moralizations revolve around sex and manifests itself in religious ideals (Christianity in most of the world).

“In Western culture, at least since its Christian formation, there has been a perduring tendency to give too much importance to the morality of sex… ‘morality’ is almost reduced to ‘sexual morality’”
– Margaret Farley

Why are some cultures more moral or sexually moral than others?

Maybe some questions about ‘sexual morality’ can be answered by examining primates.

In primates the male dominated Chimps and Gorillas have strict rules when it comes to sex. In contrast the female dominated Bonobos have almost no sexual rules or boundaries. The answer to their evolutionary differences may lie in the history of the habitats they occupy.
Chimps had to compete more over food while bonobos had abundant food supplies. Researchers Richard Wrangham and Amy Parish think that the difference in hunting and gathering requirements hindered female bonding in chimps creating a patriarchal society.

I find it hard to understand why they’re considering this theory, since chimps compete directly with gorillas and where female gorillas have plenty of time to bond, yet they’re nothing like bonobos. Chimps and gorillas both have to compete for a scarce food source, so perhaps competition and efficiency is somehow to blame for cultural sexual rigidity and the morals they manifest as.

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