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Pedophile hatred is stupid

“I don’t think people actually know the definition of pedophilia”

“I’ve check it on multiple dictionaries and I seem to be finding a common consensus that it’s adults having a sexual interest in pre-pubescet children.”

“There’s a pretty big problem when probably 95% of people are labeled pedophiles’ aren’t pedophiles. They’re hebephiles and ephebophiles.”

“A hebephile is someone who’s sexually attracted to individuals in the mid stages of puberty. An ephebophile is someone sexually attracted to someone finishing off puberty usually at the highschool age range.”

“There’s a pretty big difference in being attracted to a 17 year old and a 5 year old”

“Now out of the people who actually have a legitimate primary sexual attraction to young children, and teenagers, we have this stereotype that all of them are psychopathic rapists… Well I’m sure a lot of them are just, consensually abstinent. I don’t know why it’s impossible to conceive that some of these people have self restraint and empathy.”

“Now the horrifying  truth about pedophile hatred is that, when you actually take the time to clarify all the definitions and to understand what the person actually means, you learn that a lot of the people hate pedophiles, they don’t hate child abusers, they hate pedophiles.

“Again to be crystal clear, I’m not promoting childporn or pedophilia, I would just like to see some sensible laws and sensible treatment for pedophiles.”

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